Just a few months back, CBD was one of the main topics that dominated the news on social media and various other platforms owing to its near-miraculous health benefits. Now, you will see little else other than news of coronavirus everywhere – and the two topics are nowhere near comparable. While CBD is prized for its healing properties, the coronavirus is leaving nothing but destruction in its wake. Read on to learn more about CBD and coronavirus and their possible effects on each other.

The Deadly Outbreak

With more than 34,000 deaths recorded so far, the novel coronavirus or COVID-19, as it is commonly being called, has now spread to over 192 countries across the world. Businesses have come to a halt, and cities have been shut down.

While it originated in China, the situation has become even worse in America – almost one in every seven cases reported worldwide is in the U.S.

As the death toll in the U.S. continues to rise, President Trump has announced plans for a more extended lockdown, dousing hopes of a quick resumption to normal life. How will it affect businesses? What influence will it have on the CBD industry? Do you need to be concerned as a CBD user, manufacturer, or hemp farmer? More importantly, can you use CBD as a treatment or for protection against the COVID-19?

To respond reasonably and responsibly to the fear and chaos that have gripped the world, it’s imperative to stay well informed about the latest updates on the pandemic and its impact on the CBD industry.

Here’s what you need to know.

Symptoms of the COVID-19

The World Health Organization states that the main symptoms of this disease are:

  • Persistent dry cough
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty in breathing

Many patients also experience a runny/ stuffy nose along with throat and body aches. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact a health practitioner and get yourself tested as soon as you can. Also, take additional measures to self-quarantine to protect your family members, in case you have contracted the disease.

How Can CBD Users Stay Safe?

Stay home, stay safe has become the new mantra for averting the prevailing crisis. While scientists are struggling to find a cure to the deadly disease, so far, our best bet is to limit social interactions in order to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Following is a quick rundown of the safety precautions against this infectious disease. The detailed version of preventing the spread of coronavirus in homes and residential communities can be found here.

Wash Your Hand Frequently

Make it a habit to wash your hands with soap and water every 15 – 20 minutes. Keep a hand sanitizer close by and use it every time you touch doorknobs, elevator buttons, and any other similar surface that can be potentially contaminated. Similarly, wash your hands or wipe them clean with an alcohol-based rub whenever you eat something – be it CBD gummies or a proper meal.

Avoid Sharing CBD Products

Sharing is caring? That might be a good practice under normal circumstances, but given the current situation, sharing can actually be lethal – especially if the other person is infected but doesn’t know it yet. Therefore, avoid sharing CBD vapes even if its with your own partner.

Practice S O C I A L   D I S T A N C I N G

We cannot stress this enough. Whether a complete lockdown has been announced in your region or not, practice social distancing as much as you possibly can.

Work from home instead of going to the office. If the nature of your job prevents you from that, avoid using public transport at least. Steer clear of large gatherings and maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet from other people at all times.

Clean and Disinfect

When you return home from work or grocery shopping, drop all your personal accessories like keys and mobile phone in a basket by the door. Remove your shoes and spray a disinfectant over them to get rid of any germs that might be lingering on the surface. The same goes for your clothes as well. It’s better that you take a bath; otherwise, thoroughly wash all exposed areas with an antibacterial soap.

Buy In Advance (But Don’t Overstock)

Whether you use CBD oil for alleviating chronic ailments or just for general wellbeing, it’s a good idea to buy a bottle or two in advance. This will ensure there’s no interruption in treating your existing health problem with CBD. However, avoid running to a store and buy your Pure CBD oil from an online shop instead. A good CBD vendor will deliver it at your doorstep or offer curbside pickup to limit physical interactions for safety purposes.

CBD and Coronavirus – Can Cannabis Fight the Pandemic?

CBD and Coronavirus? Can it work? It would be the news we are all eagerly waiting for – but unfortunately, there’s no research or medical studies to back this claim.

You might come across some CBD users or manufacturers suggesting that CBD oil may be an elixir for people suffering from the COVID-19 disease. Keep in mind though that this is not true. Some hemp producers are using it as a marketing strategy to boost sales in these confusing times, but in reality, there’s no scientific evidence that you can use CBD for Coronavirus.

Generally speaking, it’s still perfectly safe to use CBD oil and related products for whatever purpose you have been using them so far. This high potency plant extract will indeed strengthen your immune system, which can, in turn, reduce your risk of catching the virus. However, using CBD oil with hopes that it will make the infection go away is unlikely to do you any good.

If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, see a doctor immediately.

COVID-19 and the Cannabis Celebrations

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you were looking forward to the 4/20 events, note that they have been canceled. Some organizers have not yet announced their plans, but judging by the rate at which this pandemic is growing, it won’t be wrong to predict that the celebrations will be postponed indefinitely, if not canceled altogether. 

End Note

COVID-19 is a grave tragedy. It’s hard to say when the pandemic will end, and life will return to normal, but despite everything, it’s important to stay calm and act wisely. If this global scare is getting on your nerves, you can try using CBD oil to relieve stress and anxiety. Meanwhile, don’t forget to take the precautionary measures and play your part in battling this severely contagious disease.

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