The outbreak of the devastating Coronavirus has left many countries and people scrambling for a possible cure or treatment. While any official statement on a cure is still a long way away, there are many hacks or treatments based on pseudo-science or traditional medication being touted on social media. Can you stay safe by using CBD for Coronavirus?

Many people are asking if CBD is an anti-viral and can be used against the Coronavirus, flu, SARS, and even influenza? Keeping that in mind, here, we are going to break through the noise to find whether or not CBD is effective against the Coronavirus or other forms of influenza.

CBD as an Anti-Viral?

Many people who use CBD products are probably aware that the cannabinoids found in CBD have been used as antimicrobials. This means that CBD can be highly effective against defeating certain types of bacteria and fungus, such as MRSA and candida. The use of cannabinoids as an antimicrobial goes back to thousands of years, but only recently has garnered worldwide attention.

There have also been many scientific studies (many of which are still ongoing) that prove the effective use of CBD against the spread of certain fungus and bacteria. WebMD even called CBD the Superbug Antibiotic. But, can CBD be effective against the Coronavirus, flu, SARS or influenza?

Unfortunately, with the deluge of misinformation that’s been spreading on social media ever since the Coronavirus outbreak, some very valid CBD science has been used out of context and has been presented in ways that could make some people feel that they can use CBD as an anti-viral.

While CBD has proven to be effective as an anti-viral when used in vitro under laboratory settings with mice and monkeys, no such studies have been carried out on humans. Also, the studies that were carried out to see if CBD was effective as an anti-viral were extremely specific to certain types of viruses, which are not related to novel Coronavirus.

Benefits of CBD From Stress of Coronavirus

So, while CBD could be used for the traditional benefits that it provides, as in, reducing inflammation, relieving stress and improving sleep patterns, there’s just not enough scientific studies and evidence that suggestions that you can use CBD as an anti-viral as well.

However, it should be noted that there are some viruses that do cause systemic inflammation to ease the transmission into other cells in the body. For such viruses, using CBD can certainly be useful in helping reduce the severity of the viral infection. But, when it comes to the Coronavirus, flu, influenza or SARS, the complete effects of CBD is not yet known.

That said, since CBD is used as an antimicrobial, it is possible in certain cases that it could slow down disease progression in viruses such as Coronavirus.

Stressed about Coronavirus?

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