Research on the relation between CBD for Parkinson’s disease (PD) started only a few decades ago. This means that the research is very limited. However, nearly all of the few studies conducted conclude that CBD helps treat Parkinson’s symptoms, especially the non-motor ones. Here’s what the current research says about CBD oil and Parkinson’s Disease:

1. Pain

In 2014, a small study on Cannabis, CBD Oil and Parkinson’s conducted on 22 individuals with Parkinson’s concluded that using cannabis decreased pain significantly.

However, this study was not conducted with cannabidiol. Instead, cannabis, which contains both CBD and THC, was used. So it’s unknown how much of a part CBD for Parkinson’s played in easing pain during this experiment.

However, recent studies on animals have suggested that even CBD alone can reduce pain and inflammation — two factors that cause daily discomfort for Parkinson patients.

In order to incorporate CBD and legal limits of THC, it’s best for people suffering with Parkinson to use Full Spectrum Hemp Extract as the type of CBD for Parkinson’s.

2. Psychosis

Parkinson’s is believed to be directly linked to psychosis — a severe mental disorder that can cause delirium, delusions, and hallucinations.

Psychosis is more common in people in the later stages of Parkinson’s. So, even though not every patient suffers from psychosis, almost 50 percent do.

In 2009, a study concluded that individuals with Parkinson’s disease and psychosis symptoms can benefit a lot by using CBD because it reduces psychotic symptoms without creating any adverse effects.

3. Tremors

If you didn’t already know, medicine used to treat Parkinson’s can often backfire and do more damage than good.

Even the most popular Parkinson’s treatments can lead to medicine-related tremors or uncontrolled muscle movements, which only gets worse if continued to be treated with more medicine.

An older study back in 1986 has suggested that CBD may be the solution to this problem, as it can help ease these involuntary muscle movements.

4. Sleep

Sleep is a major issue for the vast majority of Parkinson patients who rarely get quality sleep because they suffer from sleep disruptions, including:

  • Nightmares
  • Vivid dreams
  • Movements during sleep

Recent studies on CBD have found that Full Spectrum Hemp Extract might ease these sleep disturbances. Click here to see other ways that can improve your sleep.

5. Quality of life

As we have discussed, cannabidiol can reduce pain, tremors, symptoms of psychosis, and help patients get quality sleep. Now, combine that with the relaxing, calming, and charming effects of CBD and an improvement in the overall quality of life for PD patients is guaranteed.

In 2014, this study on CBD Oil and Parkinson’s found that patients with no psychiatric symptoms or conditions experienced a major improvement in their quality of life with CBD Oil use.

Best Way to Use CBD Oil for Parkinson’s

Currently, levodopa is the most popular treatment for Parkinson’s disease because it quickly increases dopamine levels in our brain.

However, the medicine is far from perfect. It only treats the motor symptoms of PD and doesn’t tackle any of the non-motor symptoms including stress, anxiety, and depression.

Now taking all the evidence into account, an effective treatment for PD is by using both CBD oil and levodopa. Combined, they can ease both motor and non-motor symptoms.

In Conclusion, the research on CBD Oil and Parkinson’s is fairly limited. However, we at CannaBliss already have seen the success and benefits of CBD for Parkinson’s and look forward to helping more Parkinson’s patients.

CBD for Parkinson's
CBD for Parkinson’s

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