Cracked heels are among the worst nightmares of almost every man woman. Cracked heels represent a disorder that is caused by gaps in the skin that are unnaturally hard and dry on the heels of the feet. They can lead to discomfort and complications if left untreated. However, there is good news! Many people claim that CBD relieves cracked heels.

Cracked feet are one of the common problems of the foot, and a survey found that in the USA, more than 20% of adults have cracked or dry feet. Some medical conditions like diabetes, thyroid, eczema, psoriasis, and the overexposure to pollution and lack of moisturization lead to cracked and dry feet. Let’s explore the causes of cracked heels and how CBD relieves cracked heels.

Causes of Cracked 

Standing for a Long Time

When an individual frequently stands on a hard surface for a very long period, it can lead to cracked heels. This threat can be reduced by the use of fully padded footwear in the sole and heel to provide additional support.

 Lack of Moisture

The skin beneath the feet is rough, cracked, and dry because of the low numbers of sweat glands. For fact, if your skin is dry and hard, there are more chances of cracked skin to appear easily because of less elasticity.


The pressure on the fat pad beneath the heel can be increased because of being overweight. This may lead to expansion sideways and stress on the feet if your skin is lacking in flexibility. This causes the heels to crack.


This disease is usually described by flaking skin, and dry scale may develop on the feet. Whenever you find that your skin is scaling or peeling, consult a healthcare provider.


This condition of itchy skins increases the dryness of skin and the heels become more vulnerable to crack.

Remedies of Cracked Heels

Vegetable Oil

Hydrogenated vegetable oil fats feed the skin and provide essential nourishment. They cracked heels that can be cured by applying the vegetable oil’s layer on dry and cracked parts of feet. You can use two teaspoons of this oil.

Lemon, Rosewater and glycerin

These three ingredients are widely used for curing the cracked heels. They diminish the impurities and dead cells and help in repairing the damaged skin.

Apply the mixture of these three on clean feet and wait for half an hour and then clean the feet lightly with a liquid.

Cannabliss Farmacy’s CBD Salve Heals Cracked Heels

Cannabliss Farmacy’s 1000mg Salve

Cannabis Farmacy’s vegan CBD (Hemp extract) Salve relieves many skin ailments including cracked heels.  The salve is composed of all-natural vegan ingredients like comfrey oil, witch hazel, T-Tree Oil, and of course, full spectrum hemp extract oil.  They all provide you a natural, moistened, and glowing skin.

Cannabliss Farmacy’s cbd topicals are great for moisturizing cracked heels and feet by purifying, exfoliating and softening the dead and dry the skin. Want to know more about Cannabliss Farmacy’s cbd topicals? Check out their video series on CBD Topicals.

Baking soda

It is a natural exfoliant, and it eliminates the dead cells. Baking soda also has anti-inflammatory properties. The foul odor from feet can also be neutralized by using baking soda.

Use Honey 

Honey is a natural disinfectant that cures the cracked feet and the soothing features of Honey help revitalize the skin. Cannabliss Farmacy also has products with both CBD and Honey! Check them out here.

Use Foot File and Apply Revive’s 1000 Lotion

Use a foot file once or twice a week for smoothing away rough patches. A battery-operated or manual file can be used to buff away the dead skin smoothly.  After you have smoothed out your rough patches, apply Revive’s 1000 lotion.

Revive’s 1000 lotion is a great all-natural moisturizing lotion to apply after you exfoliate your feet’s rough patches.  Revive’s formula contains a blend of beneficial oils, as well as Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. Those ingredients work together to combat psoriasis, dryness, flaky skin, discomfort or irritation as well as inflammation wherever you need it.

Whether its cracked heels or one of the numerous other skin conditions, Cannabliss Farmacy is your one-stop-shop for all your cbd, hemp oil creams and topicals. Don’t suffer all winter long, grab you some CBD Salve to relieve those cracked heels.


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