Our Pet Products

We believe in healing from the inside out and that starts with paying close attention to what exactly we are putting into our pets’ bodies. Our philosophy is that it’s not only important to start our pets on the right dietary regimen but also to incorporate extra outside elements to make them that much stronger. Our pet Full Spectrum Hemp Extract products are made from hemp oil extracted from the largest USDA certified hemp farm in the United States. Through utilizing the entire hemp plant, extracting the oil using a super critical CO2 method, and making products using all natural and organic ingredients we have created human grade products that provide positive results for animals.


Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Dog Treats


Kali Kats 100% Hemp Kat Nip


Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Tincture For Pets


Dooby's Dog Toys Squeaky Hemp Leaf


Dooby's Dog Toy Sqeaky Roll


Dooby's Dog Toys Squeaky Heart

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