You got the dream job. Now all you have to do is pass a drug test. You might have started using pure CBD oil as it is non-psychoactive and you know that it is not weed. But do you know if CBD can make you fail a drug test? What if you couldn’t pass a drug test when it matters the most? Will CBD Hemp Oil make you fail a drug test?

Well, answering that question in a single sentence is very tough. A drug-test result could become positive or negative, and that depends on a lot of things. Cannabliss will help you with the facts behind the drug tests for the benefit of all CBD users.

How long have you been using CBD?

Cannabidiol usage is harmless, and it could provide you with a bunch of health benefits. At the same time, it could leave the trails of the THC in your body cells. You know that your CBD oil contains tiny quantities of THC.

Upon regular usage, those THC molecules tend to get absorbed by the fat cells and remain in your body. It may not harm your health, but it can influence a drug test. When your body burns those fatty cells to obtain calories, it flushes out the THC molecules via urine.

Lab technicians may test your urine sample to check the traces of drugs. And, you could end up failing the drug test because of the THC traces in your urine. THC traces could settle in your fat cells only when you consume an excessive amount of CBD every day. However, conservative users need not worry about the THC traces as they don’t accumulate THC in their system.

Are You Buying From an Authentic Seller?

CBD legislation is already in place. But law and regulation for CBD businesses are not very harsh at this point. Unauthorized sellers in black-market tend to sell THC-free products that may contain THC in it. In some cases, they sell nothing but weed oil in the name of CBD oil.

If you buy such CBD oils that contain a lot of THC, then you will fail the drug test. It is your responsibility to choose an authentic seller. You can do that by checking the third party lab test results and customer feedback. Cannabliss always provide the third-party lab test results for every single batch.

Pure CBD Oil Won’t Make You Fail The Drug Test

Pure CBD oil products don’t contain THC beyond 0.3%. Brands like Cannabliss ensure strict adherence when it comes to the CBD extraction process. That way, CBD oils from Cannabliss tend to be authentic, and it helps you to obtain a clean certificate in drug tests.

So, will CBD Hemp Oil make you fail a drug test? Considering the facts, it is evident that the pure CBD oil won’t make you fail a drug test. If you are still suspicious about it, then you can do two things to make sure that you pass the drug test. You can contact a physician to flush your system. Alternately, you can try natural detoxification methods by yourself.

Not to mention, these methods won’t work if you are taking addictive psychoactive drugs. Taking narcs may cause adverse health effects, and you may end up in drug dependency.

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